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Imunify Security

Our advanced security suite

Detects malware

Advanced techniques allow you to detect malicious code hidden in files using encryption or coding, regardless of the nature of the site

Block attacks

Imunify Security can detect and notify many attack methods: back doors, web shells, viruses, “black hat SEO” scripts, phishing pages and many others

Cleans files

Most viruses/malware are automatically removed by Imunify Security which detects the virus and cleans it without deleting the existing file

Where Imunify Security is included

SHARED HOSTING: Hosting Power, Premium, Master, Business
DEDICATED HOSTING: Mail Hosting, SemiDedicated, Dedicated, Dedicated Plus
RESELLER HOSTING: Hosting R100, R200, R300, R400

How Imunify Security works

Detected: displays the exact time a file was detected as malicious

File: The path where the file starting with root is located

Pattern: Describes the signature detected during the scanning process. The names in this column depend on the signature provider

Status: displays the status of the file:

_ Infected: Threat detected after scan. If a file has not been cleaned after cleaning, the information icon appears. Hover over the information icon to view the pattern

_ Clean: the infected file is cleaned

Content removed: A file content was removed after cleanup

Cleanup queued: the infected file is queued for cleaning



Add to Ignore List: add the file to Ignore List and remove it from the list of files with Malware. NB. if a file is added to Ignore List, Imunify will no longer scan this file

View file: click the eye icon in the file row and the file contents will be displayed in the popup. Only the first 100Kb of the file contents will be shown.

Cleanup: click to clean the infected file

_Delete: removes the file from the server and from the list of malicious files

Restore Original: Click Restore Original to restore the original file after cleaning if backup is available. The original files are kept for 15 days.

Features Imunify Security

Imunify Security is included in some Hosting services but it is possible to purchase it for any plan at a cost of €30.00 (+VAT) per year

  • Intrusion alarm system
  • Database Scan
  • Exploit protection
  • FileSystem Protection
  • Malware detection
  • FTP malware detection
  • AntiSpam system
  • Automatic cleanup
  • WordPress Compromise
  • Captcha and ReCaptcha
  • ProActive Defense
  • Brutal Force Attack Block