Welcome to Xlogic Web Hosting since 2011

Hosting Speed

Latest generation servers and cutting-edge technologies

Hosting SSD NVMe

  • Our servers are equipped with NVMe SSD disk drives, in this way the page loading speed will increase drastically


  • The operating system we use is CloudLinux which allows you to assign resources for each account on a shared server

LiteSpeed Hosting

  • LiteSpeed ​​is a Web Server that offers high performance with high scalability that allows you to have a faster, more stable and secure website
Maximum speed
Our latest generation servers are constantly updated, we also use the latest technologies on the market to guarantee maximum performance; On each Server we limit the number of accounts to obtain maximum performance
Because your site will be faster

1. We have the fastest Servers The hardware resources that make up our Servers are of the latest generation and thus allow us to drastically increase the loading speed of website pages

2. We use the best operating system CloudLinux is an operating system designed for Web Hosting as it allows you to isolate instances on a LiteSpeed ​​Web Server by creating resource limits and allowing them to be assigned (RAM, processes, connections) on each floor

3. We create dedicated environmentsCloudLinux with CageFS provides a more secure and faster Web Hosting environment thanks to a virtualized file system that is able to keep each user within a shared server in your area (dedicated instance)

4. We offer valuable resources We offer the ability to manage the PHP version independently, we install the integrated plugin for the Cache LSCache and configure the CDN of QUIC.Cloud

Features of our fast Servers

  • LiteSpeed ​​Hosting
  • CloudLinux
  • NVMe SSD disk drive
  • Built-in LSCache plugin
  • MariaDB Database
  • PHP version 8