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Virtual Private Server (SSD)

High performance VPS SSD (KVM).

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In all virtual servers (VPS) the CPUs used are Intel® Dual Hexa Xeon® E5-2630 and with SSDs (Solid State Disks) the decrease in loading time is around 60%. The use of KVM allows true virtualization where the VPS functions as a server independently of the host node.
VPS SSD 5121 Core Intel Xeon512 MB (DDR4)15GB SSD2TB€10.00/month  Order
VPS SSD 10242 Core Intel Xeon1 GB (DDR4)35GB SSD3TB€12.00/month  Order
VPS SSD 20482 Core Intel Xeon2 GB (DDR4)65GB SSD4TB€18.00/month  Order
VPS SSD 30722 Core Intel Xeon3 GB (DDR4)75GB SSD4,5TB€22.00/month  Order
VPS SSD 40964 Core Intel Xeon4 GB (DDR4)100GB SSD5TB€28.00/month  Order
VPS SSD 81924 Core Intel Xeon8 GB (DDR4)180GB SSD6TB€48.00/month  Order

All prices shown are exclusive of VAT


Our new MASSIVE VPS are ideal for websites that require a lot of disk space and bandwidth. Perfect for data storage and backup.
VPS-M 10242 Core Intel Xeon1 GB (DDR4)325GB5TB€12.00/month  Order
VPS-M 20482 Core Intel Xeon2 GB (DDR4)650GB7,5TB€18.00/month  Order
VPS-M 30722 Core Intel Xeon3 GB (DDR4)1000GB10TB€24.00/month  Order
VPS-M 40962 Core Intel Xeon4 GB (DDR4)1350GB10TB€28.00/month  Order
VPS-M 81924 Core Intel Xeon8 GB (DDR4)2650GB10TB€48.00/month  Order
VPS-M 122884 Core Intel Xeon12 GB (DDR4)4000GB15TB€68.00/month  Order

All prices shown are exclusive of VAT

VPS NO Managed

By choosing this option, Xlogic will only take care of installing the Operating System, while managing the VPS, installing and configuring the scripts they must be carried out directly by you.

VPS Full Managed

We will take care of installing the Operating System, managing the Server and solving problems, also with the addition of the cPanel license, we will install and configure WHM and cPanel on the VPS.

The characteristics of our SSD VPS


1 IPv4 address

cPanel Xlogic

O.S. Linux


SSH access


KVM virtualization


Remote backup


cPanel / WHM


The term VPS is the abbreviation of Virtual Private Server, a Virtual Server connected to the network that replicates all the capabilities and functionality of a physical Server. Using virtualization technology, the Hosting Provider installs a virtual layer on the Server operating system. This level allows you to divide the Server into virtual partitions and allows each user to have autonomous and independent access.
The Virtual Server or VPS is aimed at expert users who are looking for a semi-professional solution for their web project but who do not have the budget necessary to choose a Dedicated Server. This type of Hosting is usually chosen by users who have websites that have medium/high monthly traffic and which exceed the limits of the resources included in Shared Hosting. Blogs, small company sites, information sites that are aimed at a specific niche can most of the time be managed through a Shared Hosting service, while VPS are mainly suitable for medium-sized company websites, e-commerce sites, cloud software or for websites that in order to function correctly require certain software that is not installed on the Shared Hosting such as Node.js, Ruby on Rails and many others.
With the unManaged option the VPS will be completely managed by the customer, we will only install the operating system. With the purchase of the Managed option (only with cPanel) the vps will be managed by us. By Server Managed we mean the installation and configuration of the operating system, server security management, installation of the control panel, operating system updates, intervention in the event of a VPS downtime.

JetBackup is a backup solution for cPanel. JetBackup allows you to back up your cPanel account quickly and efficiently through cPanel Remote or local and remote incremental backups. Settings such as automating backups and restores on a cron job are included and wrapped in an intuitive GUI. Jet Backup can be used on our Backup Storage and costs only €8 per month, the software will be installed and configured by our technicians on your VPS or Dedicated Server.

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