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Hosting Comparison

Compare the resources assigned to our Web Hosting plans

Shared Hosting

Ideal hosting for newly started projects and websites that require few resources

Shared HostingWeb spaceVCPUVRAMI/O DISKINODEEmailsJetBackupImunifyBuilderDomainsPrice
Hosting MINI4GB SSD0.81G800KB/s150.000250/hHosting ComparisonHosting ComparisonHosting Comparison1€ 19.99 /AnnualOrder
Hosting LITE8GB SSD11G1MB/s200.000250/hHosting ComparisonHosting ComparisonHosting Comparison1€ 29.99 /AnnualOrder
Hosting PLUS12GB SSD11G1MB/s300.000250/hHosting ComparisonHosting ComparisonHosting Comparison1€ 39.99 /AnnualOrder
Hosting POWER20GB SSD11G1MB/s400.000250/hHosting ComparisonHosting ComparisonHosting Comparison1€ 54.99 /AnnualOrder
Hosting BASE16GB SSD11G1MB/s300.000250/hHosting ComparisonHosting ComparisonHosting Comparison5€ 49.99 /AnnualOrder
Hosting PREMIUM24GB SSD1.21G1MB/s400.000300/hHosting ComparisonHosting ComparisonHosting Comparison10€ 89.99 /AnnualOrder
Hosting MASTER30GB SSD1.41.5G1.5MB/s500.000300/hHosting ComparisonHosting ComparisonHosting Comparison15€ 139.99 /AnnualOrder
Hosting BUSINESS50GB SSD1.52G2MB/s600.000500/hHosting ComparisonHosting ComparisonHosting Comparison40€ 304.99 /AnnualOrder

WordPress Hosting

Your site will be fast, reliable and secure even if you are not an expert. Managed WordPress hosting

WordPress HostingWeb SpaceVCPUVRAMI/O DISKINODEEmailsJetBackupImunifyBuilderDomainsPrice
Hosting WP0110GB SSD NVMe1.51G1.5MB/s300.000500/hHosting ComparisonHosting ComparisonHosting Comparison1€ 64.99 /AnnualOrder
Hosting WP0220GB SSD NVMe1.81G1.5MB/s400.000750/hHosting ComparisonHosting ComparisonHosting Comparison2€ 84.99 /AnnualOrder
Hosting WP0330GB SSD NVMe22G2MB/s500.0001000/hHosting ComparisonHosting ComparisonHosting Comparison3€ 104.99 /AnnualOrder
Hosting WP0450GB SSD NVMe2.53G2.5MB/s600.0002000/hHosting ComparisonHosting ComparisonHosting Comparison5€ 164.99 /AnnualOrder

eCommerce Hosting

Hosting optimized for eCommerce ideal for your Online Store. Powerful and safe

Hosting eCommerceWeb SpaceVCPUVRAMI/O DISKINODEEmailsJetBackupImunifyBuilderDomainPrice
Hosting EC0115GB SSD NVMe1.11G1MB/s300.000750/hHosting ComparisonHosting ComparisonHosting Comparison1€ 6.99/MonthOrder
Hosting EC0225GB SSD NVMe1.51.5G1MB/s400.0001000/hHosting ComparisonHosting ComparisonHosting Comparison1€ 8.99/MonthOrder
Hosting EC0340GB SSD NVMe23G1.5MB/s500.0001500/hHosting ComparisonHosting ComparisonHosting Comparison2€ 12.99/MonthOrder
Hosting EC0460GB SSD NVMe34G2MB/s600.0002000/hHosting ComparisonHosting ComparisonHosting Comparison3€ 16.99/MonthOrder

Dedicated Hosting

It represents the ideal solution for websites that require a lot of resources in terms of CPU and RAM

Dedicated HostingWeb SpaceVCPUVRAMI/O DISKINODEEmailsJetBackupImunifyBuilderDomainsPrezzo
Hosting Mail10GB SSD NVMe1D1G1MB/sno-limit1000/hHosting ComparisonHosting ComparisonHosting Comparison1€ 10.99 /MonthOrder
Hosting Semidedicato20GB SSD NVMe1.5D1.5G1.5MB/sno-limit2000/hHosting ComparisonHosting ComparisonHosting Comparison3€ 20.99 /MonthOrder
Hosting Dedicato30GB SSD NVMe2D2G2MB/sno-limit4000/hHosting ComparisonHosting ComparisonHosting Comparison5€ 30.99 /MonthOrder
Hosting Dedicato Plus60GB SSD NVMe3D3G3MB/sno-limit6000/hHosting ComparisonHosting ComparisonHosting Comparison10€ 50.99



Reseller Hosting

Become a White Label reseller of Hosting services with independent access to the cPanel / WHM panel

Reseller HostingWeb SpaceVCPUVRAMI/O DISKINODEEmailsJetBackupImunifycPanel AccountsDomainsPrice
Hosting R10015GB SSD NVMe11G1MB/sno-limit250/hHosting ComparisonHosting Comparison20no-limit€154.99 /AnnualOrder
Hosting R20025GB SSD NVMe1.51G1MB/sno-limit250/hHosting ComparisonHosting Comparison30no-limit€204.99 /AnnualOrder
Hosting R30035GB SSD NVMe21G1MB/sno-limit250/hHosting ComparisonHosting Comparison40no-limit€254.99 /AnnualOrder
Hosting R40050GB SSD NVMe2.51G1MB/sno-limit250/hHosting ComparisonHosting Comparison50no-limit€304.99 /AnnualOrder

Hosting Features

Hosting Comparison   System

Hosting Comparison O.S. – CloudLinux

Hosting Comparison Cpu Xeon – Dischi SSD – Raid 10

Hosting Comparison Web Server – Litespeed / LS Cache

Hosting Comparison Multi PHP 8.2 – mySQL MariaDB 10

Hosting Comparison Control Panel – cPanel

Hosting Comparison QUIC.Cloud / CloudFlare

Hosting Comparison DNS management 

Hosting Comparison  EMAIL AND WEBMAIL

Hosting Comparison Unlimited email accounts

Hosting Comparison Incoming POP/IMAP mail

Hosting Comparison SMTP outgoing mail

Hosting Comparison WebMail (NO Mini)

Hosting Comparison AntiSpam

Hosting Comparison AntiVirus

Hosting Comparison Outgoing emails allowed from 250/h

Hosting Comparison   SETTINGS AND DATABASE

Hosting Comparison Unlimited Databases

Hosting Comparison mySQL Remote Access

Hosting Comparison PhpMyAdmin

Hosting Comparison Cron Job

Hosting Comparison Statistics Management

Hosting Comparison Cgi / Perl / Ruby on Rails

Hosting Comparison FTP unlimited (NO Mini)

Hosting Comparison   OTHER

Hosting Comparison Free SSL Certificates

Hosting Comparison Softaculous 1Click Install

Hosting Comparison Greylist

Hosting Comparison ModSecurity

Hosting Comparison Site Builder (NO Mini)

Hosting Comparison HTTP/3 – OpCache

Hosting Comparison 24/7/365 Ticket Support


The disk space of the Hosting service includes website files, emails, databases, configurations and everything that is inserted into the account. We use SSD and NVMe SSD disk drives


The physical CPU is an actual hardware unit installed in the motherboard socket while the vCPU is a portion of virtual CPU that is made available within the Hosting plan


The operating system uses a portion of the Server’s storage space to simulate additional RAM memory which is called Virtual Ram; It constitutes an extension of the computer’s physical RAM.


Disk I/O refers to the input/output operations related to storage devices such as SSD drives within a Server, these operations involve reading and writing data to the disk and are fundamental to the operation of any system, since they involve the storage and retrieval of information.


An inode is a record in a disk table, which contains information about a file or folder such as size, owner, device node etc. This parameter indicates the maximum number of Inodes that can be reached on that particular account, for more information consult this article: Inodes Limit


The disk space of the Hosting service includes website files, emails, databases, configurations and everything that is inserted into the account. We use SSD and NVMe SSD disk drives


Jet backup performs daily backup on an external server and is included in the Plus, Premium, Master and Business plans, while for the Eco, Mini, Lite and Base plans it is optional and costs €20 + VAT per year


Imunify Security is the advanced antivirus offered by Xlogic Hosting, for more information see this page: Imunify Security


Hosting plans include the Xlogic Site Builder which will allow you to create your website without having any technical knowledge, for more information consult this page: Site Builder Xlogic


Through this item, we are referring to the possibility of adding multiple domains on the same Hosting service; for example, on the Basic Hosting plan it will be possible to host up to 5 domains + 1 (the main one).
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