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PEC activation within 60 minutes

PEC activation

Certified Mail, briefly called PEC, is the new system through which it is possible to send e-mails with the same legal value as a registered letter with return receipt, as established by the current legislation “Legislative Decree no. 185 of 29/11/2008 converted into law n°2 of 01/28/2009 obliges the use of Certified Electronic Mail for professionals (professional PEC) and for companies (company PEC).

Certified email messages are sent exclusively between 2 PEC boxes, however it is possible to enable the reception of emails from email addresses ordinary to Certified Mail boxes.

PEC Come funziona Xlogic
  • 1GB PEC mailbox space
  • NO PEC mailbox archive
  • NO SMS reporting
  • Notify via email
  • Webmail access
  • Antivirus / AntiSpam
  • Read Electronic invoices


  • 2GB PEC mailbox space
  • 3GB PEC mailbox archive
  • SMS Report
  • Notify via email
  • Webmail access
  • Antivirus / AntiSpam
  • Read Electronic invoices


  • 2GB PEC mailbox space
  • 8GB PEC mailbox archive
  • SMS Report
  • Notify via email
  • Webmail access
  • Antivirus / AntiSpam
  • Read Electronic invoices


  • Domain 2nd and 3rd level
  • Duration: 2-3 days
  • Note:To be able to certify a domain it must be registered; if you don’t have it, register it: Domain Registration


How PEC works and why it is important to have it

Send Registered mail online
Sending documents to the Public Administration
Receiving and sending electronic invoices
Communications with financial institutions
Medical appointment bookings
Cancellation of service supply contracts
Cancellation of insurance policies
Competition Registration
Receiving work documents
Replacing paper invoices with electronic ones
Sending and receiving orders, contracts and invoices
Sending salaries and pay slips to employees
Sending documents to the Public Administration
Management of tenders
Communication between facilities with many operational locations
Management of communications within corporate networks
Unlimited email accounts
More transparent and simplified communications
Sending communications to other bodies and citizens
Calls for meetings, councils and committees
Sending directives and circulars
Management of tenders
Integration of certified transmissions into management software and protocols
Save time and money
Reading PEC electronic invoices
Sending/Delivery Certification
Certainty and authenticity of the content
Legal value

How to activate the PEC

To activate the PEC it is necessary to send your identity document together with the membership form that you will receive via email after placing the order; the form must be completed and signed using a pen and not digitally

The PEC will be activated within 60 minutes of receiving the payment and the requested documents, during the following office hours: MON - FRI 9.00 17.00

The mailbox or security archive allows you to save a copy of messages in an archive also accessible from Webmail, in this way you will be able to preserve communications that have been deleted from the PEC mailbox. It is also possible to choose what to archive.

The SMS Report service checks every day whether there are certified messages that have not yet been read in the last 24 hours by the user. If present, it sends a notification via SMS to the number indicated in the customer area.

It is necessary to send your valid identity document and the membership form duly completed and signed using the pen and not digitally

All Certified Email solutions include the Read Invoices service which allows you to receive, view and archive electronic invoices in your inbox.

The system presents all the security guarantees compatible with the type of service provided thanks to the presence of 3 levels of Firewall, with an Antivirus / Antispam system, furthermore external network storage is used to increase the protection of user information and there is a double support backup system.