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Domain transfer

Transfer your domain in 3 easy steps

1. Request the transfer

Request the auth code from your current provider and make sure that the domain is not protected by whois, is not blocked (status: locked) and has not expired

2. Transfer the domain

When ordering, enter the Auth code and start the transfer; during the purchase you can also choose the hosting plan to which to transfer your website

3. Accept the transfer

The domain transfer will last a maximum of 5 days during which you will receive a confirmation email from the Registrar which you will have to confirm

How to transfer a domain

Find out how to transfer your domain to Xlogic Hosting

Auth Code

Request the Auth or EPP code from your current Provider and make sure it is correct, then enter it when ordering

Unlock Domain

Requests your current Provider to unlock the domain (status: unlocked) and to possibly remove the Private Whois if active

Active domain

If the domain you want to transfer has expired, you must renew it with the current provider and then transfer it 60 days after renewal

You can choose to transfer only the domain or you can also purchase the hosting plan to which you can transfer the content of your site

.IT € 13,00 / year.EU € 12,00 / year.COM € 14,00 / year.NET € 18,00 / year.ORG € 16,00 / year
* From the moment the domain transfer is started, the Registrar may send a confirmation email which must be confirmed in order not to block the procedure; Transfer times vary based on the domain extension, but usually it is necessary to wait 5 days from the start of the domain transfer procedure
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