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Domain renewal

Renew your domain to keep your website and email inboxes always active
Gestione Domini Xlogic
* You have the possibility to view the domain status and expiration date directly from your customer area in the "My Domains" section; through your profile you can choose to enable the system to issue the invoice automatically also for domain renewal or you can make direct payment

Automatic domain renewal

Rinnovo Dominio automatico Xlogic

You can choose to automatically receive the invoice for domain renewal, to do this enable automatic renewal; otherwise you will only receive communications from us and you will have to follow the procedure via email to generate the invoice to be paid

Manual domain renewal

Rinnovo Dominio manuale Xlogic

You can renew your domains for one or more years; to do this you need to access the customer area and click on the “Renew” button, in this way the invoice will be created from the moment you proceed with the payment. 

Expired domains

Information and costs for reactivating expired domains

Domain renewal within 30 days

You have the possibility to renew the domain within 30 days of expiration by paying in addition to the renewal fee also the unlocking fee which varies based on the extension of the domain

Domain renewal after 30 days

The domain may have been permanently blocked, in which case it will not be possible to renew it but it will be necessary to wait for the Registrar to free it to try to register it again

Domain status blocked

Xlogic Hosting will have to request the unlocking fee if the domain is in the status of:
Redemption Period - Pending Delete - Quarantine (may vary depending on the TLD)

It is possible to check the status of the domain by doing a Whois Domain , if you need more information you can consult the guide on how to check the status of your domain

.it .eu€ 20,00
.in .asia .co€ 75,00
.com .info .net .org .mobi .xyz .bz .website .design€ 90,00
biz .tv .wiki .me .club .guru .solutions€ 100,00
.mobi .cc .ws .pro .bar .gallery .photography .technology .today .photos .center .systems .management .zone .foundation€ 130,00
.press .email .watch .expert .tools .vision .discount .digital .land .media .care .webcam€ 150,00
.global .company .works .life .online .tech .services .domain .host .app€ 250,00
.college .rent .feedback .store€ 350,00


NB: Not all extensions are listed in this table, if the domain you are interested in is not present please contact us to find out the restoration price.

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