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Data center in Europe

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A Data Center or Data Processing Center is a place where Servers and Storage systems are hosted.

The Data Centers we rely on (Germany, Holland and Finland) are designed and built with power, air conditioning, security and redundancy systems capable of preventing service interruptions and which allow service continuity even in the event of problems .

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Datacenter Xlogic


The structures are protected by a video surveillance alarm system and are built with anti-seismic and anti-flooding criteria; Access to the Data Centers is permitted only to authorized personnel using biometric readers


The air conditioning system with double power supply circuit guarantees the maintenance of temperature and humidity, furthermore the air conditioners are powered without interruption even in the event of intervention of the generator sets

Power supply

The electrical systems are based on independent and multiple power systems and in case of emergency energy continuity is ensured by UPS, 48V power stations and diesel generators


Geographical and local redundancy of all core equipment (routers, switches, servers) with asynchronous replication of storage data and redundancy of all connection circuits with internet exchange points

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