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Web Server LiteSpeed

LiteSpeed and CloudLinux: turbocharge your website

What is LiteSpeed

  • LiteSpeed ​​is a Web Server that offers high performance with high scalability and is a replacement for WebServers such as Apache and Nginx, which allows you to have a faster, more stable and secure website; Xlogic uses LiteSpeed

What is CloudLinux

  • CloudLinux is an operating system designed for Web Hosting as it allows you to isolate instances on a LiteSpeed ​​Web Server by creating resource limits and allowing them to be assigned on each plan

CageFS environment

  • Cloud Linux with CageFS provides a safer and faster Web Hosting environment thanks to a virtualized file system that is able to keep each user in their own dedicated area within a shared server

PHP version management

On all our PHP Servers you can manage PHP versions directly from the best control panel on the market, cPanel Hosting. It is possible to carry out this operation thanks to CloudLinux CageFS present on all our Linux hosting

Cache Management

LiteSpeed ​​has developed plugins for multiple CMS (view plugins) to manage the website cache, in this way the page loading speed will increase drastically

On our WordPress Hosting plans, installing and configuring the LSCache plugin is included

LiteSpeed, LSCache and QUIC.Cloud

Because the site with Xlogic will be faster Our Linux servers are of the latest generation and we use LiteSpeed ​​which together with the CloudLinux operating system allows us to increase the performance and security of the website.

All disk drives are NVMe SSD, there is the possibility of configuring the integrated LSCache plugin and setting up the QUIC.Cloud CDN

Benchmark Litespeed Xlogic

The best cache plugin A comparison test was carried out between the most popular and used cache plugins, and LSCache was found to be the best plugin currently in circulation

Litespeed test Xlogic

LSCache features

On all our Hosting plans we use the LiteSpeed Web Server, CloudLinux, CageFS, LSCache and the QUIC.Cloud CDN

  • Browser Cache
  • QUIC.Cloud CDN cache
  • Image optimization
  • Minimize CSS, JavaScript and HTML
  • Combine CSS / JS
  • Automatically generate critical CSS
  • LazyLoad iframe images
  • Responsive image placeholder
  • Support for multiple CDNs (including Cloudflare)
  • Database Cleaner and Optimizer
  • PageSpeed ​​Score Optimization
  • HTTP/3 support