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PHP Version

Manage PHP versions and parameters with Xlogic

PHP version always updated

  • Imposta la versione PHP più recente (da 4.4 a 8.x) e mantieni costantemente aggiornato il tuo sito web

Customize PHP parameters

  • Modifica i parametri PHP direttamente da cPanel Hosting andando ad aumentare i valori di ogni singolo parametro

Where can I manage PHP versions

On all our Hosting plans it is possible to manage PHP versions and related parameters via the cPanel Hosting panel

How to manage PHP version

1. PHP Management Log into cPanel Hosting and open the “Select PHP Version” section

gestione php xlogic

2. Choose the PHP versionyou prefer and set the related extensions

Versione PHP Xlogic

3. Modify the PHP values ​​​​Click on the “Options” button and set the values ​​required by your site to function

Estensioni PHP Xlogic

4. Attention If after updating the PHP version you see a blank page, it means that your site is most likely dated and consequently not compatible with that particular version, in that case choose another PHP version