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CDN configuration

Speed up, optimize and protect your WordPress site

QUIC.Cloud makes your website faster with full caching, maximizes page load speed scores, optimizes images and offers protection from brute-force attacks

Included within the LiteSpeed Web Server LSCache

CDN Quic.Cloud

quic-cloud cdn

Makes your site faster because it stores the full cache.

Quic.Cloud is the only CDN that can cache both static and dynamic WordPress content.

Most CDNs only deal with static content, but QUIC.Cloud caches the entire website: images, CSS , Javascript and the dynamic HTML page

Protects your website QUIC.Cloud manages website security through brute-force attack protection, DDoS protection, CDN-level reCAPTCHA configuration

Optimize your site images Large images can have a negative impact on the speed of a website; For this reason QUIC.Cloud automatically optimizes all images by reducing file size without sacrificing quality.

Increase your speed score QUIC.Cloud page optimization services improve CSS style and page loading efficiency, this will increase your site’s speed score and improve your site rankings. search engine

Quic Cloud Xlogic

Where CDN configuration is included

The CDN configuration is included in some Hosting services but it is possible to purchase it for any plan at a cost of €10.00 (+VAT)

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